6 Things The Google Raters Look For In Top Ranked Websites

By Marc Bell
6 Woes of The Google Human Raters
1). Keyword Stuffing and URL Stuffing
One of the techniques that Google has caught on too is stuffing keywords in articles and the URL. This is a big "NO NO" from Google's perspective. Stuffing an article is not providing value to viewers and the Google algorithm and Human Raters will not accept it. You should only use your keywords in the title, header1, header2, header3, Meta tags, and use it lightly throughout your article. The Google human reviewers will accept a site that is setup properly with search engine optimization.
2). Too Many Aggressive Ad Placements
There is nothing wrong with placing ads on your website but when you have more ads than content that clearly indicates that your only purpose is to get your ads clicked. Placing too many ads on your home page and sidebar will be labeled as spam. Even if a spam site happen to make it to the top rankings of Google then the human raters will eventually catch it and flag your website and lower your rankings.
3). Poor Quality Content
It is vital to provide the world with the best content you can give. I'm sure you have come across a website or an article that is not providing any value at all. The best way to avoid poor quality content is to forget about earning an income and focus on helping your audience solve their problem. Input the best knowledge and advice into your article or website and when your readers get what they were looking for, the income will follow. As you focus on providing your audience with high quality information you will also impress the Google human raters.
4). Lack of Price Comparison
There are a flood of product review websites on the net. The most important task for product review sites is to give online shoppers a solid and honest review. Many product review websites are sites stuffed full of affiliate links. Not only will the algorithm catch on to the flood of affiliate links but the Google reviewers will catch if it makes it to the top of the first page in Google. The best thing you can do if you own a website like such is find a plug-in that will help turn your site to a price comparison site or you can set it up manually. Google admires an honest price comparison website because you are giving the viewers information to assist with making a choice. One of the best things is that price comparison sites can have affiliate links embedded. For example: you can offer your viewers 3-5 different price comparisons and you can insert your affiliate link for these products; the plug-In will assist with your setup.
5). Trust Worthy Reviews
Writing trust worthy reviews will take you far with a product review site. The Google Raters are trained to detect a review site that is deceptive. Be honest with your reviews. If you are able go ahead and purchase the product to test it. Doing so will make writing the review or recording very easy so you and the buyer are satisfied.
6). Fake websites and Spam Websites
Fake spam websites are sites with a list of URL's that are setup for spamming. This is one of the quickest ways to lose your ranking or even get your site the boot.
It is very easy to impress the Google Human Raters when you reach the top of Google. All you have to do is give them what they ask for, which is honesty and high quality content. In return they will give you what you want, a top ranking in Google. In reality this is a fair deal because their main objective is to provide web surfers with the best content possible and they rely on you, the writer, product reviewer, and the blogger to deliver the solution to the web browser's problem(s).
Pleasing the Google human raters and the algorithm is not a difficult task. Sometime we need some assistance or wisdom from someone in order to get to the next level.