Career Trends 2012

Workforce projections helps those entering into the job market, changing careers, as well as those seeking educational training to prepare themselves to succeed in future employment opportunities.
Industry trends evolve through the years as some sectors phase out completely and new ones emerge. One thing that is evident is the need for skilled workers, higher degree levels are also showing a difference in 2012.
Hot jobs in the U.S. economy are ones that have the best growth potential.
Those who have a 4-year college degree and decide to complete an advanced academic option towards a Masters Degree or Doctorate will see the highest increase in annual income for occupations.
This includes occupations that do not experience a growth but rather maintains a steady pace.
What will shape up the work environment in 2012?
Retirement, healthcare and scientific discoveries is what will be on the employment landscape for 2012. Choosing an occupation based on the social factors of green living and conservation will help students decide which college majors will be in demand.
Globalization will effect all industries causing workers to move abroad for work. Software development is increasing among start-up companies who want to compete with bigger established corporations.
Studying for computer  information systems in higher level management and science positions will provide many rewards as lower level positions are phased out or replaced.
The demand for nurses will probably see one of the biggest increase as more seniors hire home health aids and traveling nurses are needed abroad. 
Dental care is another area that will see a boost and for those in college getting training as a dental hygienist is a good idea. Mainly because people will put more importance on the health of their teeth.
Career Planning 101 and Hot Career Trends
Planning for the future is a smart way of succeeding at getting hired and advancing in a job that will pay well. To keep it simple you will want to focus on three areas: healthcare, science and high tech if you do that you can not go wrong. 
Interesting employment classifieds found online have openings for molecular engineers, aerospace technicians. So nanotechnology and biology degrees students have enough ammunition to compete in this information data driven work environment.
Those who are in finance and management will see the importance of international business studies.
Just remember to continue to learn new things, and try something different because this is the attributes that will be important to stay on top of the latest hot career trends.