Top Industries Hiring and in Need of Manpower

Stimulas jobs made possible by a bill that was passed by the United States President from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Plenty of ads on job boards list that you can start work immediately or that there are new truck driving jobs and truck driving positions.

The only problem is finding the top industries that are hiring now.

I did some research and I came across a good article written by Patty Inglish in which she discusses manpower requirements for the following occupations.

1. Healthcare

2. Construction

3. Education

4. Childcare

5. Energy Jobs

You can get government jobs and online LPN training from most recruitment agencies.

Read more about what industries are hiring the most workers here.

Earn More, Work Less 8 Jobs Flexible and Pays High Wages

In 2012 more individuals are seeing the benefit of looking for ways to earn more money from the skills they have acquired from the work force. After spending several years in one occupation it is time to find careers that are more flexible and pays well.

The following are jobs that will be fun, flexible and pay high wages with less work.

1. Wellness Counseling and Life Coaching

2. Massage Therapist helping those with sports injuries

3. Technical Writer creating manuals for electronic gadgets

4. Social Media Strategist helping businesses brand themselves online

5. Makeup Artist for films and fantasy photoshoots

6. Private Chef, help busy families with nutritional meals

7. Personal Trainer getting business professionals in shape

8. Web Trainer assist people how to use the internet

You can take anything that you have knowledge in and share it with others for a fee and set your own hours and wages at the same time.

Best Jobs for Women in 2012 - According to Forbes

This is a informational study compiled by jobs expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., author of Best Jobs For The 21st Century,

Where you can get a glimpse into careers based on high satisfaction levels from workers in the field (from the National Survey of College Graduates, conducted by the Census Bureau).

1. Postsecondary Teachers

2. Anthropologist

3. Oceanographers

4. Natural Sciences Managers

5. Clergy

6. Surveyors

7. Chief Executives

8. Geoscientists

9. Medical Professionals

10. Aerospace Engineers

Go to Yahoo Work and Money to find out more about annual earnings and job openings.

The Worst Jobs for Graduates

If you have just finished college or are thinking of choosing a university major then do not go into these fields because they are plagued with layoffs and budget cuts severe enough to threaten the continued existence of specific jobs within these industries. According to these jobs are on the decline.

1. US Postal Service Carrier

"Get a government job," your parents told you. "Government jobs are secure. You'll get a pension, and they can never, ever fire you." This belief might no longer be true. The US Postal Service has had a famously bad year.

According to stories in Money and The Washington Post, in order to make a $5.5 billion annual payment to its retiree healthcare fund, the Postal Service has considered canceling Saturday delivery, closing post offices and laying off some of its 280,000 workers.

Median Annual Pay for a Mail Carrier: $48,300
Median Hourly Pay: $23.20
Education: High school diploma

2. Real Estate Agents

Real estate, formerly the favorite second job of actors and parents returning to work, is no longer such a sure thing.

Al Halverson of Burien, Washington, a 30-year real estate industry veteran, says the money just isn’t what it used to be. “The buyers are coming out to buy at much lower prices,” he says. “That means Realtors are working more and making less. The million-dollar houses are now $450,000 or $500,000.” Homes selling for half the price means a big pay cut for commission-based agents’ earnings.

Median Annual Pay for a Real Estate Agent: $75,500
Median Hourly Pay: $36.30
Education: Bachelor's degree plus real estate license

3. Video Store Clerk

Your college job may soon look as dated as that tape deck in your car. Blockbuster closed more than 200 stores in 2011, while Netflix blundered into a PR nightmare that made us long for the days of 50-cent rewind fees.

Median Hourly Pay for a Video Store Clerk: $9
Education: High school

4. Toll Collectors/Operators

Technology is a double-edged sword for some workers. On the one hand, computers, handhelds and all the assorted gadgets of the 21st century make jobs easier. On the other hand, ask any toll collector how he feels about E-ZPass.

Median Annual Pay for a Toll Collector: $36,800
Median Hourly Pay: $17.70
Education: High school

5. Stock Brokers

The good news is that many of the large financial services firms (such as Morgan Stanley) seem to have gotten back on their feet. The bad news is that many of them are doing it, in part, by laying off employees.

Still, don't cry too much for beleaguered stock brokers: Their salaries were slightly up in the third quarter of 2011, compared to last year, according to data.

Median Annual Pay for a Stock Broker: $58,400
Median Hourly Pay: $28.10
Education: Bachelor's degree

6. Newspaper Reporters

It took 15 years, but the Internet might finally be crushing the newspaper industry. Papers all over the country reported declining ad revenue and responded by laying off staff -- including folks in the newsroom.

Median Annual Pay for a Newspaper Reporter: $34,700
Median Hourly Pay: $16.70
Education: Bachelor's degree

Source: All salary data provided by Annual salaries are for full-time workers with five to eight years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing. Education is the most typical education level respondents with that job title list in the PayScale survey.

Renewable Energy Jobs

Author: Gareth Hoyle

In the modern day world Renewable Energy Jobs are becoming a frequently more appealing role. As recession hits and people seek out new careers Renewable Energy Jobs are seeing vast numbers of applicants who see Renewable Energy Jobs as an exciting opportunity to join a growing market and Renewable Energy Jobs may have a long term security other roles will not have.

Hence if you find yourself in a position of looking for work Renewable Energy Jobs may be suitable to you whatever your skills. With the wide world of the internet Renewable Energy Jobs have never been easier to apply and never been easier to find so a simple search for Renewable Energy Jobs could be the first step in a drastic career change that could change your entire life!

So what does it take to secure lucrative Renewable Energy Jobs? Firstly like any career you need a CV to make you stand out. Renewable Energy Jobs recruiters will see this first and with a bad CV you can kiss Renewable Energy Jobs goodbye. Spend time, ask advice, go online and makes sure your CV ensures the Renewable Energy Jobs you desire become yours. Highlight key skills, experiences and sue the descriptions with Renewable Energy Jobs to match your CV to the demands of the companies advertising the Renewable Energy Jobs.

Secondly you need to make sure that the Renewable Energy Jobs are well researched and that you are aware of the company advertising the Renewable Energy Jobs, what they actually do, their role in the market place and what the Renewable Energy Jobs may entail. Ignorance and failure to research is one of the prime reasons for failing interviews so do not let the Renewable Energy Jobs slip away by not being bothered to do any research. Knowledge of Renewable Energy Jobs is vital to success.

With these two starting tips and the internet at your finger tips Renewable Energy Jobs have never been as accessible or as reachable as Renewable Energy Jobs are at the moment. Renewable Energy Jobs can provide excellent training; high salaries and Renewable Energy Jobs will be around for time to come. If you want a lucrative role, with genuine career prospects and a long term future then Renewable Energy Jobs could be the change you are looking for! can provide a number of Renewable Energy Jobs, allowing you to find the right job you want from reputable and trustworthy companies.

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