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Some occupations fit well in multiple categories, learning how to maximize your job description could help you land a career that allows you to utilize your many skills not just one.

You are probably familiar with the situation where college graduates end up working for a company that does not fit their primary major or degree. In these scenarios it usually is because the field they chose to study is saturated and does not have enough job openings.

A cure to this problem would be to search for employment by category, try to find commonalities between various occupations. A good example of this would be those who become a high school teacher. Lets just say that you could not find any full-time teaching jobs in your city or town.

Could there be some cross-over skills that would work perfectly in a different job title? The great thing about jobs is that you use a variety of methods to get your work done.

Teachers instruct others, they prepare class homework, they are mentors to the youth and provide field trips for small groups of students. What other occupation could fit in this same scenario?

What about a museum tour guide, youth camp coach or a business seminar coordinator? In each job you will be working with groups of people and providing learning material and instruction.

As you search for a job online you will notice that the career centers separate each position under a bigger category and then sections them off into smaller ones.

For instance there is usually no more than 25 categories for the hundreds or thousands of job listings. During your search write down all the possible categories your dream job could fit in.

Then look at which companies are hiring for those different categories, do you see a pattern of the same companies showing up? If so make a note because this means you can create up to 5 separate resumes and apply for all the positions that you think you could qualify for.

Don't limit yourself to just one occupation, apply for several that will closely fit to your skills, knowledge and experience.
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Out of all these job categories there is usually popular ones that most job seekers search for out of all the many professions. You can separate out the results by jobs by company or jobs by title which can take longer to find what you want unless you know the specific industry.