Highest Paying Computer Jobs for 2013

If you want to make more money in 2013 than you will want to get into companies that are paying the highest salaries for computer jobs.

I have compiled a list of some of the top computer careers for the future. (along with annual salary projections)

1. Mobile Applications Developer $95,000 Salary Projections

2. Database Administrator $82,000 Salary Projections

3. Software Engineer $90,000 Income Projections

4. Video Game Designer $80,000 Income Projections

5. Network Administrator $69,000 Salary Projections

6. IT Security Specialist $87,000 Income Projections

7. Computer System Analyst $79,000 Salary Projections

8. Web Developer $91,000 Salary Projections

9. Technology Manager $100,000 Salary Projection