Obama Jobs Act

The American Jobs Act is supposed to create more jobs with a set of ideas to put more people back to work. But will the proposed jobs and tax plan be able to put money back into the pockets of working Americans?

Small Business Owners Tax Cut
One of the great things is that it proposes to give tax incentives to small businesses that hires new workers. The reason I like this plan is because I believe this country was built because of the hardworking entrepreneur.
Big corporations can downsize and cut jobs but the little guy can offer services at a cut rate saving communities money and making it possible to hire and employ qualified jobseekers.

Industries to Benefit from The Job Plan
The industries that will benefit from this work plan, the first will be teachers who provide much needed instruction to our children in the public school system. Teachers are underpaid and undervalued so keeping them employed will help prepare the youth for tomorrows challenges.
Veterans who have put their lives on the line to defend and fight in the Afghanistan and Iraq war. These men and woman need a place to earn a living to support the families they left behind for months and even years at a time.

Lastly construction workers are the glue that holds are infrastructure together and by creating more jobs that allow job seekers to continue to build and repair our roads and bridges will ensure that our local cities and towns represent who we are as a nation.

Low Income Workers Job Opportunities
The youth are included in the low-income disadvantaged workers sector and need a chance to update and train for the many job opportunities available. The Pathways Back To Work Fund will provide a way for workers to find summer and year round jobs.
I think that this will be a great motivator for teens and young adults to take advantage of the help being offered in this program.

Extension of Unemployment Benefits
Those who have been out of work for 6 months to 1 year or more will need to continue to receive unemployment benefits while they search for a new job. The Americans Jobs Act will provide training programs to help with improving work skills giving tax credit to employers that hire the unemployed.
What makes this a crucial option is that having more people working not only helps the economy but it makes it possible for businesses to stay in business.

Reduced Payroll Taxes and Lower Interest Rates
The key to putting more money in the pockets of Americans is to make it possible for them to earn more money from their payroll checks. This can be done by saving families money every year through the changes in the Federal Refinancing Program (HARP) which is intended to help mortgagees stay in their homes. I would have to say that this is the only way that the people will be able to get through these tough economic times.

Plans to Help the Economy
The biggest plan to help the economy is to tax the wealthy and get rid of corporate tax loopholes. Restoring fairness during a national crisis is what the political leaders say they intend on doing. The American Jobs Act is meant to assist the working middle class through these difficult times.

We are bigger than these issues and its time to step up to the plate and show that we are ready to take the lead in our career choices. Hopefully these types of initiatives will reduce unemployment and continue to be a priority because it will take a constant and consistent effort to make it work.

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