Economic Blueprint Leads to More Jobs

Partnership between community colleges and businesses
Clean Energy incentives - Natural Gas Usage
Job Training and Unemployment Insurance
School funding to hire more teachers
Education and Job Training
Start-up and Small Business Financing
Work-Study Jobs for Students


part-time jobs for retirees

During retirement there are jobs that one can do to make ends meet or just to make some extra cash, the following are a great way to work part-time after retirement.

1. Become a Freelance Consultant
2. Work on a Independent Contractor
3. Become a Research Archivist for Universities
4. Get Hired with the Federal or State Government
5. Work as a Part- Time Grocery Clerk
6. Get a job at a Sports Stadium
7. Work as a Customer Service Agent
8. Get hired as a Tutor for students
9. Become a Temp at the local library
10.Teach sewing at a community college

waste reduction management jobs

municipal waste and recycling operations jobs
recycling collections driver
recyclong center operator
hazardous materials removal worker
hazardous waste management specialist
solid waste energy engineer
nuclear waste management engineer

wastewater treatment and management jobs

operations maintenance worker for water services
associate engineer wastewater treatment
wastewater engineer in refinery
wastewater plant civil engineer

climate change energy policy specialist advocate
water resource policy specialist and advocate
conservation policy analyst and advocate

green consulting and research jobs

environmental scientist
environmental engineer scientist intern
environmental sampling technician

conservation pollution prevention jobs

biologist marine fishers
water resource engineer
environmental research manager
gis specialist
engineering geologist
urban planner
urban renewal planner
conservation of resources commissioner
power system operator and instructor

Pollution prevention rule development enforcement jobs

air quality specialist and enforcement officer
air emissions permitting engineer

environmental consulting jobs
air quality control engineer
senior environmental consultant
water wastewater quality consultant
water resource consultant
air resource engineer

air pollution specialist
waste reduction consultants energy efficiency consultant
greenhouse gas emissions report verifier
environmental technician
greenhouse gas emissions permitting consultant
renewable energy consultant

Transportation Green jobs list

Transportation vehicles
automotive plant operations vehicle production modification jobs

automative plant assembly
diesel retrofit installer
diesel retrofit manufacturer plant labor
electric vehicle electrician
hybrid powertrain development engineer
powertrain control systems and software engineer
air pollution specialist
senior automotive power electronics engineer
diesel retrofit designer

efficient mass transit vehicle operations jobs

bus system operator
train system operator
electric shipyard operator

transportation fuel

biofuel production jobs
biofuel plant field an operations engineer
biofuel plant field technician
biodiesel biofuel technology and product development manager
alternative fuels policy analyst and business sales
civil engineer agriculture irrigation water supply

transportation system design jobs
urban planner
environmental engineering manager
environmental planner
civial engineer
energy infrastructure engineer

Installation Green Jobs List

project design and development/ design and engineering

installation and green building operations energy efficiency services

home improvement retrofit trainee
residential air sealing technician
insulation engineer
HVAC maintenance repair trainee
water purification systems service technician
building maintenance engineer
electrical system installer
field techinician
greeb plumber and pipefitter
HVAC service technician
roofing and skylight installer
weatherization operation manager

Energy Efficiency Service Jobs
residential energy field auditor
commercial energy field auditor
industrial energy field auditor
auditing services sales consultant
renewable energy consultant

Green 'Building Jobs

green building project design and development jobs
field energy consultant
energy conservation representative
energy manager and analyst
energy efficiency finance manager

Green building design and engineering jobs
engineering intern
water systems designer and engineer
site supervising technical operator
environmental compliance specialist
refrigeration engineer
lighting and HVAC engineer
civil engineer
HVAC engineer
electrical engineer
residential green building adn retrofit architect
commercial green building and retrofit architect
indoor and outdoor landscape architect
industrial green systems and retrofit designer
senior HVAC engineer
environmental construction engineer
energy engineer
structural design engineer

List of Green Jobs

geologic sequestration
carbon capture power plant installation operations, engineering and management
carbon sequestration plant installation operations engineering and management
geologist and hydroeologist
gis specialist

power generation ccs plant staff

plant environmental health safety jobs
environmental health and safety engineering manager
environmental health and safety engineering lead
plant technician specialist instrument repair technician
safety investigator cause analyst
plant supervising technical operator
plant safety engineer

terrestial sequestration
soil conservation jobs
soil conservation technician
soil conservationst

foresty jobs
forestry conservation worker
conservation forestry consultant
forestry supervisor
restoration planner

biogas biomethane biomass hydrogen energy green jobs

biogas and biomenthane generated power
landfill gas collection operations jobs
landfil gas collection system operator

landfil gas to energy (lge) plant operations jobs
landfil gas system technician
LGE plant intstallation operations engineering and management

animal waste to energy jobs
animal waste biomethane gas collection system technician

Biomass power
biomass collection and processing jobs
biomass collection separation sorting

biomass power plant jobs
biomass plant operations engineering maintenance

hydrogen energy generation
hydrogen power plant installation operations, engineering and management
hydrogen plant operator and operations manager

Geothermal Green Jobs List

Geothermal power plants development and manufacturing jobs
geothermal heat pump machinist
geothermal sheet metal worker
geothermal engineering intern
geothermal electrical engineer
geothermal generation mechanical engineer
geothermal plant installation technician
geothermal plant efficiency operator
geothermal operations engineer

geothermal engineering intern
geothermal mechanical engineer
geothermal electrical engineer
geothermal power plant structural engineer

Hydro Electric Green Jobs List

Hydro-electric power operations development and manufacturing jobs
hydro electric component machinist
hydro electric constructions sheet metal worker

hydro electric installation and maintenance jobs

Hydro electric plant
Hydro electric plant operations maintenance worker
Hydro electric plant efficiency operator
Hydro electric plant installation technical
Hydro electric plant electrical operations supervisor
Hydro electric power generation engineer

hydro electric engineering design project management jobs

hydro electric engineering intern
hydro electric mechanical engineer
hydro electric electrical engineer
hydro electric structural engineer
fisheries biologist

Wind Power Green Jobs List

wind development and manufacturing jobs
wind turbine machinist
wind turbine sheet metal worker
wind turbine engineering intern
wind farm electrical system designer
wind turbine electrical engineer
wind turbine mechanical engineer
wind field technician

wind power installation and maintenance jobs

junior renewable energy technician
wind generating installer
electro mechanical wind turbine technician
wind field operations manager for commercial
wind field service technician

wind power engineering design and project management jobs

wind power plant project engineer
director of wind development

smart grid engineer
energy commission specialist
power system operator

List of Solar Green Jobs

solar development and manufacturing jobs
solar fabrication tech
solar lab tech
solar hot water heater manufacturing tech

solar installation maintenance jobs
PV fabrication and testing technician
solar energy system installer helper
solar energy system installer
solar and PV Installation roofer
solar residential installation electrician

solar residential installation electrician foreman
ICE tech instrumentation controls electrical systems
solar commercial installation electrician
solar commercial installation electrician foreman
solar commercial installation engineering technician
solar commercial installation engineer

solar engineering design and project management jobs

solar energy system designer
solar thermoelectric plant manager

PV solar cell designer
solar operations engineer
solar energy engineer
PV power systems engineer

solar sales and marketing jobs
residential commercial solar sales consultant

Agriculture Jobs in Demand Farm Workers Needed

Shortage of workers due to new immigration laws leave farmers in Alabama and Georgia looking for ways to harvest crops coming in the spring.

As illegal immigration laws push for the stop of migrant workers it is creating a need for more farm helpers for planting and harvesting crops.

To read more about this go to:
After immigration crackdown, farmers mull planting

12 Best Cities for High-Paying Jobs - According to Kiplinger

Looking for work in the right places is the first thing a jobseeker needs to know for getting paid more money for a competitive occupation.

The best cities in the U.S. as far as value goes for a potential employee is mostly concentrated in the Metro Areas for increased income growth.

First on the list is the refurbished business district of Manchester, New Hampshire is hiring for medical, information tech and management careers.

Second is Washington D.C. for management, government and finance jobs.

Third, will be Trenton New Jersey that is hiring in technology, research and finance.

Fourth is Boston for nursing, software developer and management careers.

Fifth on the list is Baltimore for Healthcare Technology and Research.

Sixth is the leader in life science in Worcester, Massachusetts for technology, medical and engineering.

Seventh is for the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for system engineers, financial analysts and solution architects.

Eighth in place is Anchorage, Alaska in Health care, Energy and project managers.

Nine is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for Psychical Therapist, Government careers.

Tenth city is Oklahoma City has jobs in Medical, Education and Energy jobs.

Eleventh - Minneapolis has high paying jobs for business and systems analysts.

Twelveth leads to Springfield Massachusetts for nurses, analysts and project managers.

Read more about landing a position in these healthy local economies on Kiplinger’s website.

Six High-Paying Jobs in Medical Field

In this economy many companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees, so this offers an opportunity for independent contractor recruitment. You can still work although it is for a contract jobs which are usually temporary. As an independent contractor you can work a flexible schedule.

Here are a list of occupations in the medical profession that pay more for a contractor than most full time positions.

Registered Nurse

Median annual contractor income: $67,100
Typical degree: Associate's degree in nursing

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates new nursing jobs being added for the next 5 to 10 years. The reason for the high numerical increase is from the aging population.

Database Administrator

Median annual contractor income: $77,300
Typical degree: Bachelor's in computer science

You can find Database administrator jobs in government, banking, data processing, healthcare and even the computer industry. Higher pay goes to those with a MBA Degree.

Physical Therapist

Median annual contractor income: $80,700
Typical degree: Master’s in physical therapy

Other healthcare professionals that are in high demand will be physical therapists for years to come because of the elderly needing physical therapy sessions.

Systems Administrator

Median annual contractor income: $58,300
Typical degree: Bachelor's in computer science

New Technologies will cause system administrator jobs to grow and the more education you have the better positions you can acquire.

Web Developer

Median annual contractor income: $59,700
Typical degree: Bachelor’s in computer science

This is a competitive field and demand is strong for qualified candidates. Most Web developers work along with network systems and data communications analysts.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Median annual contractor income: $40,900
Typical degree: High school, vocational school

As long as cities continue to repair roads and build bridges heavy equipment operators will find work in highway, bridge and railroad construction, as well as civil engineering and local government projects.

Read more about high paying careers on Monster