Jobs By Title

One of the things you will notice on most job sites is that you have the option to search by job title.
This helps you see which companies in your local area or in other cities are hiring for that position.

The nice thing is that they are listed in Alphabetical order from A-Z. I recommend you use this option during your job search because you will be able to see the variations in job titles for each occupation.

For example for the careers that start with the letter "A" you can see a interesting progression through the title.

Lets look at the many titles for the Accounting occupation:
accounting accounts payable clerk jobs, accounting administrator jobs, accounting analyst jobs, accounting assistant jobs, accounting associate jobs, accounting bookkeeper jobs, accounting clerk jobs, accounting consultant jobs, accounting controller jobs, accounting coordinator jobs, accounting director jobs, accounting instructor jobs, accounting manager jobs, accounting professional jobs, accounting representative jobs, accounting specialist jobs, accounting supervisor jobs and accounting technician jobs.

You probably will be surprised to notice that there are 18 variations to the accounting job title. This is why I find this feature to be so handy for job seekers. Each occupation will have a varying degree of responsibility.
Some positions will only require a high school diploma, while others will ask that you have at least a certificate. The higher the salary usually means that applicants will need to have an Associates Degree AA or AS.

Advanced degree careers will have a management or leadership role and usually have the words coordinator or director at the end of the job title. In this case you will need to have prior work experience or a Bachelors or Masters Degree.

To browse job titles you can click on each letter of the alphabet:
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I was curious to find out what the most searched job titles where and it looks as if the most searched jobs have been compiled by a few job sites.
One thing to note is that a popular job search is not the same as the most popular jobs in America, these are two different entities.

The first is the repetition of users who come on job sites to search for various job listings. Each site will compile statistics on which key phrases are being used over and over again.

The latter would be a reference to the popularity in regards to people going to school and getting degree in the field or who companies have reported as having hired the most people for.