Earn More, Work Less 8 Jobs Flexible and Pays High Wages

In 2012 more individuals are seeing the benefit of looking for ways to earn more money from the skills they have acquired from the work force. After spending several years in one occupation it is time to find careers that are more flexible and pays well.

The following are jobs that will be fun, flexible and pay high wages with less work.

1. Wellness Counseling and Life Coaching

2. Massage Therapist helping those with sports injuries

3. Technical Writer creating manuals for electronic gadgets

4. Social Media Strategist helping businesses brand themselves online

5. Makeup Artist for films and fantasy photoshoots

6. Private Chef, help busy families with nutritional meals

7. Personal Trainer getting business professionals in shape

8. Web Trainer assist people how to use the internet

You can take anything that you have knowledge in and share it with others for a fee and set your own hours and wages at the same time.