Careers with Highest Employment Growth for 2011

Occupations with the highest demands usually require a college degree, years of work experience or technical knowledge.
Starting new career after many years of working for the same company can be a challenge.
Most people think of a career change once the kids have left for college or they have entered a recent divorce, others may have just recently retired and want to try something new.
No matter what the circumstances it is wise to look at the industry growth patterns to choose the best employment options for your future job.
Going back to school is a smart idea, many programs are now offered online through accelerated degree courses. You may want to quickly finish school so you can start working but it is best to plan out your class schedule.
Speak to academic counselors to make sure you are not taking courses you do not need. Even with careful planning you may find that you change your major several times during the course of the semester.
It is recommended to take a career quiz so you can find out where your strengths are and which career will work best for your personality and leadership skills.
For instance if you like people then look for occupations that allow you to be involved with people more often. If you like working alone and prefer data then look for jobs that allow you to make calculations and spreadsheets.
You do not need to be unhappy in your chosen profession, pick a job that you will feel rewarded doing everyday.
The economy changes and job creation slows down so that is why it is best to stay aware of how the job market is doing. Look at employment growth and see if you can pick your academic courses to fit the criteria that is in demand by employers.
Healthcare jobs are on the top of the list of top careers in demand
The aging population has increased the need for qualified nurses and dental hygienist. Those who specialize as a RN or LPN. Most Licensed Practicing nurses work with Registered Nurses in hospitals and outpatient clinics.
The growing population and the aging baby boomer generation is adding a need for more advanced nursing programs to help with managed care facilities.
Trends show more nurses returning to school to obtain their masters and doctorate degrees to take on more responsibility and leadership roles. Also the need for clinical technologists is on the rise due to new developments in cancer research.
Many of these positions only require a certificate or an associates degree from vocational training or community colleges.
Technology positions will continue to grow 
There is a wide range of jobs when it comes to computer technology, you can repair computer systems, fix errors with computer programming and engineers develop computer software for corporations and startups.
The Apple iPad has made creating new apps a lucrative endeavor for students and recent college graduates. Software developers are needed for most start-ups in Silicon Valley. 
International occupations are expanding with globalization
The opportunity to travel is a perk that comes with many professions such as a interpreter/translator. You can work with business managers and import/export companies. The world is getting smaller especially when it comes to business.
Outsourcing of workers and building of manufacturing facilities in places like Singapore is opening up opportunities for recent graduates to re-locate to top paying occupations overseas.
Interestingly the field has seen developments in computer-assisted translation and machine translation which is a process whereby a computer program analyzes a source text. Most schools offer web-based human translation as well in order for companies and individuals to get a more accurate translation.
Weather changes require the help of those who study the atmosphere
Meteorologists observe events in the earths atmosphere so you will need to take college courses in the atmospheric sciences which can lead to careers in energy production and agriculture. In the news many of us have seen the devastation from floods, tornado's and natural disasters.
Those who study the elements can make a huge difference in the safety of our country and across the globe. It is important to note that meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, and atmospheric chemistry are also included in the atmospheric sciences.
You will be happy to know that the job offers the opportunity to work in government agencies, private consulting practice offering research services as well as radio and television.
Can you Find a recession proof career after graduation?
Becoming recession proof just means that you go where the demand is in the job sector, take the courses you need to qualify and position yourself to succeed. Going to grad school full time and getting an advanced degree just may be the boost you need in your current profession as well.  
Occupations with the highest economic growth are usually in sectors that have to do with new developments to help the world live longer and work more efficiently. It is a great time to be living in right now with so many positive discoveries in fields such as technology, healthcare, weather and travel.
Working with students taking courses online and offline many of them have high hopes and want to start in a career that will pay well and help them to make a difference at the same time. My job is to help guide them in the right direction and offer my years of experience to assist with picking the right employment.