Information on Search Engine Evaluator Jobs for Leapforce

Internet assessors are hired to rate webpages and websites. Basically for webmasters who are ranking on the first page of Google they will be moderated for quality, relevancy and and correctness to the search query they just made.

This type of position is similar to mystery shoppers who evaluate retail stores for customer service, cleanliness and company policies.

In this case a rater will have a checklist of items to see if the site they are visiting measures up to the high standards of the Google Guidelines Handbook.

Such things as appropriate, useful, excellent, good, poor or bad. To get hired you will need to be a University student or a stay at home mom or dad.

Lionbridge is another company that hires internet assessors to conduct these quality assurance tests on ranking websites.

When you apply for the position you will need to pass a online examination, then you will have some requirements to follow such as knowing how to use the Firefox web browser.

Also you will need an internet connection and your own personal computer. This is a part-time job and perfect for students.

Your hourly rate can vary starting at $10 dollars an hour. These evaluations will be used to help make the search engine pages better.

Find out more about these occupations at the following links:

Lionbridge: Lionbridge offers more opportunities for internet assessor jobs outside the United States.