Apply for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Due to the latest hiring for offshore drilling inspectors many offshore oil and gas facilities are requiring that the offshore operators comply with federal regulations.

Deep water drilling as well as oil spill investigations are handled by trained auditors employed by the ocean energy bureau (BOEMRE).

Federal workers are required to do on-site reviews of oil and gas production operations by inspecting drilling rigs to make sure that measures are met for a safe environment.
Oil Rig Job Openings
For those out of work and looking for employment the entry level starting salary is as high as $60,000 working in the oil extraction field.

Finding openings may be a challenge since most people who work in the sector are recommended by other employees.

U.S. oil rig job vacancies may not be as plentiful as those across the country. There are announcements of openings in the Gulf of Mexico, Wyoming and Texas.

International positions found in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Egypt are oil rigs hiring in the middle east.

The most attractive part to offshore oil rig employment is the high earnings, benefits and advancement opportunities.

If you are the type of person who likes to work hard for several months and then have several months off this is the career for you. It is important to be in good physical health before applying for any oil rig fishing or oil marine jobs.

Because no formal education is needed it is best to show that you are a quick learner and can get the job done efficiently. The age requirement is for you to be at least 18 years old. So having a high school diploma will probably serve you well.

Advancing into other areas of responsibility after gaining some experience will require that you get certified from an approved school. For instance in New Zealand you can receive The National Certificate in Drilling - Hydrocarbon Level 4  training.
Do Job Placement Agencies work?

Job placement agencies can help you with finding the right career and may be more effective than a newspaper ad. It may be best to talk with those who are familiar with the application process before you get started on your job hunting.

Travel is one of the perks of the position and for those who want to start a new path, change in life or meet new people this will give you the opportunity to do so.

Jobs in the oil industry are definitely for those who like hard laborious work and do not mind getting dirty.

I always recommend that my students register with a qualified employer and recruitment agency because they can help with getting land refinery work opportunities.

Once you register you will get email alerts of listings of oil and gas positions onshore and offshore. Many of these firms are engineering recruitment agencies.

They deal directly with the companies that need workers. To apply you will need to compose a resume or CV also known as a curriculum vitae.

Here you can list your experience and academic background depending on which job you are applying for. Also any honors, awards or affiliations will help the person reading your CV to get a broader picture of your accomplishments.

In this case you may want to get help from a job advisor to assist you in representing yourself in the best light because U.S. and International oil industry companies receive thousands of resumes a month from hopefuls wanting to work offshore. You will want to standout from the crowd.

Beware of agencies that charge a fee to help you get employment on a rig in the Gulf and be prepared to be persistent to get what you want.
Oil and Gas Rig jobs recruitment
Searching on the web you will find many listings and websites it looks like the best ones are the ones that actually list the companies that are hiring that you can contact yourself. The other agencies just seem to be collecting resumes and that is it.
Some listings and job titles include: Lead cost engineer, Navel architect, Senior process engineer, project controls manager, subsea systems engineer,  and production engineering advisor. is a popular online job search website and under the term "oil rig" I found some interesting occupations such as: Rig hand, Rig mechanic, Rig performance manager, Rig electrician, Rig supervisor, and Rig operator.
The only thing is that the service who is providing the listings may require that you email them before you can get an application. Plus most positions are located overseas.