Clinical Neurophysiology Technicians Wanted

The healthcare profession has always been regarded as a good field to get involved in especially with so many people needing health benefits.
You will be surprised to know that their are career opportunities that are in demand due to short supply of graduate students. This is mostly because everyone is usually seeking to become a RN, or LPN which is very competitive right now.
As a career and educational counselor I have the privilege of helping students with coming up with alternative job choices when their first choice seems out of reach.
One of those in particular is the growing need for Neurophysiology Technicians. These health technicians work in hospitals, clinics and physician offices.
If  you like assisting people on a daily basis and have empathy for those who are sick and ill you will be a prime candidate for this understaffed occupation. As a student you will study the health sciences in a two year program.
Many times I find students re-entering the workforce and they need to get some training to be eligible for job openings in their area. Getting your associates degree in the CNT program is the best route to take to receive your Associates in Applied Science.
Electroneurodiagnostic job salary projections
Graduates can expect a starting wage of $40,000 up to $60,000 annual salary upon completion of the professional certification examination offered by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.
It is important to note that as a electroneurodiagnostic technologist you will be responsible for providing tests to patients with nervous system disorders.
The use of advanced scientific methods are used to diagnose neurological diseases in elderly patients as well as infants. 
Some of the electronic testing equipment used to diagnose diseases of the brain and sleep disorders include: the automatic testing of electroencephalograms, nerve conduction studies,  evoked potentials, and polysomnograms. 
U.S. Employment Stats
Employment in the United States is high for qualified graduates. Health technologists are needed in epilepsy monitoring units and research institutions. Candidates with experience in a an outpatient clinical setting will be compensated based on the level of education, training and experience they have.
The study of the the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system also known as the peripheral and autonomic nervous system is where you will be assisting the physicians in needle electromyographic testing for patients with nerve damage, pain or inflammation.
As a EMG Technician you are providing a very important job function to help the Neurologist, Physiatrist, or clinical Neurophysiologist to perform nerve conduction studies which requires a basic understanding of digital recording equipment.
You will calibrate recordings of stimulation electrodes to identify the correct nerve pathways as well as document any abnormal clinical manifestations during testing procedures.
Clinical Neurophysiology Technicians job outlook
The job outlook for the next decade for students who want to work in the medical profession as EEG Technicians can expect continued growth due to the aging population and the changes in technology and disease management.
As you are probably aware the medical diagnostic field is changing and the need for trained technicians is also growing especially in the areas of study with the electrical activity in the brain and nervous system.
So understanding the proper uses of the electrophysiological devices is key to providing a descriptive report of recording activity of monitoring machines. You will work primarily in neurology departments for neurologists and neurosurgeons.
Apparently the increase in the use of Electroencephalography and Electromyography techniques that detects the electrical potential in surgery is causing the employment growth for END technologists who will be diagnosing and monitoring patients with epilepsy or diagnosing sleep disorders.
The popularity of these types of professions for medical students is that the time required to be in college is short, you can be working in just 12 to 24 months and the starting wage is high.