Fastest Growing Medical Careers in Pharmacy

One industry where employment is expected to increase faster than average is jobs in pharmaceuticals. The demands come from individuals with health disorders and the elderly who take more prescription drugs on average.
To top it all off the career pays well and job seekers can expect to earn six-figure annual salaries upon graduation. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit there is the opportunity to manage your own pharmacy facility.
Becoming a Pharmacist
Licensed doctor of medicine and pharmacists job duties are more involved than one might first think. It is common knowledge that your local drugstore usually has a person who dispenses medications to patients over the counter. 
Accuracy is very important and that is why pharmacy technicians are valuable to the health of the community as they fill orders on a daily basis.
Attending an accredited college that specializes in chemistry, physics and biology is the first step in your academic studies. The natural sciences along with mathematics is required to receive your doctor in pharmacy degree known as the Pharm.D.
Pharmacy Education Requirements
Drug therapy studies can take up to 6 years due to the residency and fellowship programs that teach pharmacy practices and clinical research.
All states offer the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam. The National Association Boards of Pharmacy administers another exam called the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence both are meant to test your knowledge of pharmacy laws and practices.
Advancement opportunities are good for those who take on the responsibility to be trained to administer vaccinations, advise patients about stress management or drug therapy programs.
The number of job openings are many due to the need to replace workers retiring or leaving the industry in sectors such as managed care organizations and public healthcare services.
The need for prescription drug coverage is growing and the scientific advancements in drugs to treat cancer, mental disorders, diabetes and high blood pressure allow for pharmacists roles to expand from community drugstores to outpatient care centers and nursing care facilities.
Students can be hired for Pharmacy Technician Jobs
Pharmacy technicians can gain experience in a pharmacy internship with just a high school diploma and certification. Vocational and community colleges offer associates degrees in terminology, calculations, record keeping, along with pharmacy law and ethics.
You can expect employment growth for those technicians with experience and education. Pharmacy aids usually gain on the job training and operate the cash register, provide customer service, and manage inventory on the computer.
Future promotions can come to those who enter into supervisory or managerial positions in health systems or specialty areas of chemotherapy or nuclear pharmacy.
Biotech companies are producing more drugs for diseases
Pharmaceutical drug distribution is big business especially for biotechnology companies who manufacture drugs to treat rare diseases. For instance specialty drugs can cost upwards of $300,000 a year because they save lives.
These medications are paid by insurance plans for a small selection of patients who have the health disorder. In the case of  patients diagnosed with high cholesterol, schizophrenia or cancer these drugs must be prescribed by a practicing medical specialist.
Then it is the job of the pharmacist to advise the patients on the dosage and side effects associated with interactions in the medications as well as monitor the patients health and progress to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.
Pharmacy Employers
Featured employers for pharmacy jobs include Walmart Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Schnuck Markets, Winn-Dixie Stores, Smiths Food and Drugs Center, Safeway Companies, Kroger and Kaiser Permanente.