Diagnose and Treat Mental Disorders as a Psychotherapist

The need for group psychotherapy to implement behavior modification in patients with mental health issues caused by depression and schizophrenia is on the rise.
Current economic conditions and unemployment leave individuals with no hope the results are drug addiction and substance abuse.
The opportunity for college students to enter the field of behavioral medicine has not been more important than now. 
Universities and medical schools have openings for students interested in treating patients in crisis counseling facilities.
Studies show that biological and psychological social factors can have a negative impact on a economically challenged group of men and women.
Primary academic courses of study include:
  • neuropsychology
  • geropsychology
The relationship between brain behavior and how a person is able to cope with a stressful or tragic situation requires the use of science theory from practitioners who have knowledge and understanding of how the cognitive orientations of those mentally distressed relate to a patience dysfunction of personal development. 
Extensive research requires undergraduates to obtain a doctorate degree that results in clinical practice.
As you may have noticed this academic field of study continues to grow. The main reason is because of an aging population who will need clinical psychologists to help them adjust to the many facets of gerontology.
Employment growth in Managed Care
Managed care in health psychology has seen the biggest growth in recent years opening up occupations for graduate students.
Interestingly this has lead to competition for entrance into doctoral training programs from International students and a emerging diverse population who are overcrowding the prospects for U.S. PhD programs.
Since acceptance rates are low those who have a high academic record will be first choice. Students are advised to keep high grades and be part of internships as well as fellowships for their specialties.
Those interested in professional practice it is important to note that it will open doors for forensic psychology and the ability to develop treatment programs.
If you choose to go into private practice specific disorders associated with trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and phobias will be some of the most requested skills of mental health organizations.
Internship is important for clinical placement
Since postgraduate training and clinical placement can take up to 8 years of study. Those looking to find acceptance in an internship will need to work as a research assistant in a full time salaried position.
This will give you the necessary experience to qualify for a practitioner doctorate only after completing a masters degree.
To become a clinical psychologist in the U.S., U.K. or Canada you must graduate from an accredited school, complete a supervised clinical internship and then pass a written and oral examination to receive your licensure.
Psychotherapy is just one aspect of this field, there is also the opportunity to teach at the academic level.  Having a doctorate level degree will help open up many occupational avenues such as child mental health, learning disabilities, and substance abuse.
The aging population opens up new areas of practice such as geriatrics and health psychology. Since the discipline is so broad it really leaves graduates with a variety of sub-specialties to consider such as in the areas of developmental psychology, social psychology, forensic psychology, counseling psychology and cognitive psychology.