Gold Mine Employment and Silver Mining Jobs

Metal ore mining is an industry where geologists study the earth's resources such as oil, precious metals and climate changes in the atmosphere. 
Petroleum mining companies hire gold miners and engineering geologists to locate copper, silver, gold and oil. This is done by using techniques to extract and remove gold from the ground.
Mining processing technology
You may have noticed in recent years that the growth of natural resources is from the mining technology available to help with generating materials for us to use. In areas such as gas for energy, copper for wiring and gold for electronic components.
What is amazing is how the continuous discovery and extraction is what helps build our economy. The interesting thing about natural occuring minerals is that in their raw state they look like an average rock from the earth. It takes a trained eye to see the manifestations of gold, silver, iron, copper, lead and zinc which is converted into useable metal such as jewelry, batteries, steel, wiring, or electronics by the metal manufacturing industry.
Scientists educational requirements
As for Geologists they are scientists and are required to have a Masters Degree or PhD in the geosciences fields. Primarily they are used to study the composition and history of the earths minerals including the analysis of plants and animal fossils. 
In school your primary academic courses will include mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, stratigraphy, structural geology, geophysics, and hydrology.
Another thing to consider is that the occupation is primarly done outdoors with some lab work that uses technology such as the Geographic Information System for computer modeling, data analysis, digital mapping, and remote sensing.
Employment growth and demand
The push for a quality environment has propelled employment growth increasing demand in developing nations. Salary ranges in the six figures depending on years of experience, job location and academic degree.
Job growth is expected to grow due to high oil prices and the need for management of water resources in the enviroment. These opportunities will allow geoscientists to be consultants with government institutions and private corporations.
Gold and Silver Mining Job Openings 
You can find job openings on most online job boards such as careerbuilder. Some positions just require a high school diploma while others will want you to have some vocational training. Advanced positions will require a graduate degree.  
Jobseekers interested in working for a mining company it probably would be best to start with the largest prospecting companies:
  • Barrick Gold
  • Goldcorp
  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Newmont Mining Corporation
If you do not mind traveling job openings will be located in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Australia and the United States.