Degree in Podiatry to Treat Foot Injuries

The need for foot care is on the rise with many active people getting involved in sports to stay fit.
It will lead to more injuries of the feet and lower leg to be treated by a doctor of podiatric medicine. 
Disorders of the foot also include problems associated with diabetes, arthritis or heart disease.
In the case of foot ulcers and infections which can be due to poor circulation, surgery may be necessary.
Physical therapy in sports medicine helps with treating fractures from physical activities such as running or jogging.
Pain medication and muscle relaxants can be used to solve a variety of foot problems and aliments.
As a podiatrist you can work in public health or orthopedics it will require that you receive a license as well as training in a podiatric college program.  
Once you pass the state exam you can begin your hospital residency where you will learn internal, emergency and podiatric medicine.
Occupational Opportunities
The employment outlook is expected to increase, since many health insurance carriers and medicare will make it possible for the elderly to receive diabetic foot care, and surgical foot services for specialty healthcare.
Graduates can look forward to a rewarding and high paying career in managed care facilities.
The earnings are in the six figures so you can receive an annual salary of over $110.000.
You will have the choice of working in primary care, geriatrics, biomechanics and surgery.
It is important to look for an podiatric medical schools in the United States that is accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education.
Students attending academic courses will want to become proficient in:
    Once you apply to medical school you will receive further experience related to preparation for podiatric procedures. 
    Alternative careers in Podiatry
    You can also work in this specialty as a podiatry assistant or an orthodontic technician where you can get training helping licensed physicians with patients in a health care facility or clinic. 
    Many of these types of positions only require an associates degree and gives you a chance to determine if the study of the foot podology is something you will want to advance in further.
    Source: American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine or the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.