Court Research Specialist Jobs

There are companies that need data from public records. Independent contractors are used to go to the city or county courthouse to research and collect information from mortgage records, tax liens, civil case filings, judgments even marriage and divorce records. The names and addresses are then entered into a database or spreadsheet.
Business professionals who purchase real estate notes, land contracts, trust deeds, or deeds of trust may hire a deed collector to get the names and addresses of persons who own these properties so that they can borrow from the seller of these notes. 
The reason a company would pay you to research a property title is because they are going to purchase a home, a parcel of land, or a foreclosure property.
Other types of job titles are title research and document retrieval. Most of the positions are part-time, so you are considered an independent contractor. Your job will consist of locating and recording the names and addresses of sellers of owner financed real estate notes.
Research is done by each county records office nationwide. The data is usually stored on microfilm, books, ledgers or on the computer. If the documents are not online then handwritten information will need to be entered into a spreadsheet after you leave the courthouse.
Experienced court researchers can compile a high number of mortgage records in an hour if they have a fast typing speed. 
Courthouse research specialists can work from home and set their own schedule but remember you are required to physically go to the courthouse in your specified state or county.  
Most Federal buildings operate during the weekday hours of between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so you will need to allow for enough time to get to the office and collect the data before they close for the day.
A list of Nationwide Public Records Retrieval Companies are:
  • Wolfgang Research - is a research firm that retrieves information from courthouses in the following areas: Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Judgments, Lis Pendens, Marriages, Mortgages, Personal Injury, Probates, Seller Carry Backs, and Tax Liens. Get more details at
  • AMD Research - they provide market research on industry trends and forecasts. Get more details at
  • C.R.S - Courthouse Research Specialists who provide professional public record research retrieval and right of way acquisition services. In Dallas Texas. Get more details at
  • Jellybean services- offers JBS court researcher jobs training. Get more detailed information at
  • ABCheck - hiring researchers to access public records. get more details at
  • Sunlark Research - is a public records researching firm for businesses and hires independent court researchers. Get more details at
  • First National Acceptance Company- is a subsidiary of first national bank of America, advertising company of America, is continually expanding its network of courthouse researchers. Get more details at
Types of Court Records from the Recorder, Registrar of Deeds, County Assessor and Conveyance office are:
  • public records
  • vital records
  • background check
  • court records
  • criminal records
  • phone records
  • people records
  • business licenses
  • census records
  • real estate appraisal records
The downside is that in this type of job many divorce cases, insurance lawsuits, voter registration and just about any transaction people conduct with the government or courthouse, is put into public records. Third parties known as information brokers can use the public records to compile profiles on people. Making it easy for anyone to see it online. Then they turn a profit from the service of data mining.
This is different from the U. S. Government public domain data which is defined as not copyrighted or whose copyright has expired.
The upside is that in some cases, it may be possible to have a public record sealed or expunged after a certain amount of time has elapsed.  
Information brokers and data miners
To find title researcher or courthouse research jobs you will need to contact the companies directly otherwise you will be listed with a mediator who will take a cut of your pay wage per document. Remember that if a site asks you to pay money to get access or to get hired do not pay just look for free sources.
Its not easy to find court research companies online, so you might want to talk to someone who works at the courthouse to find legitimate companies to work for.