Top Paying Jobs with Big Salaries

A higher standard of living is possible when a jobseeker chooses to work in a specific industry that is going to earn them a six-figure annual salary.

This article will go into which careers pay the most and what you can expect of your job duties. To start off the list we will be visiting the medical profession which is one of the industries that is experiencing job growth.

Anesthesiologist - top pay is $400,000 a year and they are responsible for seeing that patients are safe, the administering of drugs before, during and after surgery takes experience and training. Some surgeries are life threatening so anesthetists must monitor patience who are put unconscious.

OB/GYN Physician - top pay is $300,00 a year and they are medical doctors who often times deliver babies and treatment to women as a Obstetrician and Gynecologist. This profession is in high demand with high malpractice insurance premiums.

Psychiatrist - top pay is $250,000 who treat patients with therapy and medication, independent practitioners charge high hourly rates for therapy sessions and usually are self employed.

Nurse Anesthetists - top pay is $200,000 and they work with anesthesiologists to make sure patients are safe providing drugs to render those undergoing surgery unconscious.
The medical professions is not the only sector that pays well, you will see that sales and finance are seeing growth and high salaries as well.

Sales Director - top Pay is $200,00 and they manage a group of sales personnel who help boost the companies bottom line and profits.

Actuary - top pay is $250,00 where a person who is responsible for assessing the financial risk of a company. It is important to use mathematics and they work for insurance and asset management companies.
Finance Director - top pay is $200,000 are responsible for the company budget and these finance professionals are usually certified public accountants with MBA degrees.

Software Architect - top pay is $150,000 they design the software that we use on our computers. These information technology specialist work with software developers to produce coding for software design.

Attorney Lawyer - top pay is $250,000 and they are the legal team for corporations and individuals with high profile litigation and billable hours.

Insurance Broker - top pay is $250,000 commission based insurance agents earn high salaries because business firms need coverage in the oil, construction and pharmaceuticals due to liabilities.

If you are in school it is a good idea to start planning now for the career you want to pursue that will pay high dividends in your profession.