Renewable Energy Green Jobs

Environmental careers has seen a increase in job openings. Many of these green collar positions pay six-figure salaries with advanced degrees.
For those interested in working in the environmental industry you can pretty much take your pick because more and more companies are looking for ways to implement conservation with sustainable natural resources.
Renewable energy initiatives during a global financial crisis can benefit by using the natural resources of wind power, sunlight, rain and geothermal heat. This has boosted the interest among sectors that specialize in power generation, hot water space heating, and transport fuels. 
Fossil fuel technologies has improved over the years due to the investment of  venture capitalist who fund new renewable infrastructures. Wind farms have increased, solar thermal power stations have extended from the U.S. to Egypt, and Morocco.
The green economy has helped develop new government polices that directly cover issues of climate changes and high oil prices causing an ongoing debate about the efficiency of renewable electricity production.
Here is a list of the highest paying jobs for environmentalists
Conservation scientists - work for government institutions specializing in soil conservation, urban forestry, pest management, native species, or forest economics.
Solar power engineer – many are responsible for converting natural energy into gases, liquids and solids, and creating solar energy cells for heating and cooling substances.
Urban Regional Planner – determine the land use in a communities infrastructure by managing and planning the development of commercial, residential, agricultural and recreational urban areas.
Environmental Lawyer – attorneys specializing in environmental law will represent construction firms and waste disposable companies to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Chief Sustainability Officer – they are in charge of a corporations environmental programs and maintain the budget for cost effective resources.
Environmental Meteorologist – study the atmosphere and climate trends with the use of weather satellites, to determine the earths air pressure, temperature and wind velocity.
Hydrologists Engineer – are hydro-technical specialists who study the quality of the water in the earth its movement distribution and hydrologic cycle for environmental sustainability.
All of the above mentioned occupations can command a salary of $100,000 or higher depending on  years of experience, geographic location and academic qualifications.
The best place to get more information on these type of careers is to look at the The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health website they have an overview of green, safe and healthy jobs.