Aquaculture Fish Farming Technician Jobs

Starting a new career as a aquaculture technician will allow you to work on a fish farm.
Most fish farming and aquaculture industry jobs require schooling and training in the science of raising fish in tanks.
Salmon and Carp are some of the more popular species in wild fisheries as well as seabass and catfish.
Aquaculture Fish Farmers
As you are probably aware aquaculture farmers raise fish and shellfish in two ways one being with photosynthetical production and the other by feeding the fish food high in protein along with plenty of oxygen from adequate water quality.
There is indoor fish farming an alternative to outdoor open ocean cage aquaculture by using a recirculation aquaculture system. This procedure is also used in California's sturgeon farming of high value fish ovaries known as caviar found in Beluga, Sturgeon roe, Ossetra and Sevruga.
In the case of black caviar Petrossian Tsar Imperial is the best and it comes from non-fertilized sturgeon roe and the wild caviar production only takes place in Azerbaijan or Iran due to the Caspian Sea beluga sturgeon becoming an endangered species.
Now there are aquaculture farming of Salmon Caviar which produce red fish eggs in New Zealand, Yarra Valley, Tasmania and other locations in the U.S. 
One of your many job duties is to care for the environment of the marine life in tanks you should have the skills to keep track of the growth, production and water quality of the hatchery harvesting farms.
Aquafarming Education
Academic courses include study areas such as: fish biology,  fish health and disease, as well as proper use of equipment maintenance and water properties.
Some training facilities offer instruction through classroom and lab training. The best programs offer on-site tour and training at industry sites where you can learn from scientists and aquaculturists.
Aquaculture Training Courses is the first step to getting into this field of work in the U.S. and abroad. Universities and research centers develop proper procedures and guidelines to follow.
Must like the outdoors and managing marine temperatures to reproduce, raise and harvest fish for farmers and government conservation research facilities.
Aquaculture Employment 
Finding listings of aquaculture jobs is possible on the web. Many sites feature companies hiring and work conditions for job seekers.
Employers can be found under the Agriculture, Horticulture Science, Engineering, or Technical sections on most job sites. For instance Pacific Reef Fisheries and Coral Sea Farms Australia have job listings.