Careers in Stem Cell Research for Cancer

Bone marrow transplants have proven to help patients with leukemia and other blood diseases. 
Adult stem cells help replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues with the self renewal and multipotency properties that allows for the clinical laboratory technicians to assist biomedical scientists with treating such diseases as Lymphoma.
As for the field of hematology and oncology a medical procedure is used to treat many auto-immune diseases.
In most cases the patients is facing a life threatening disease that requires the infusion of peripheral blood stem cells and cord blood units.
This is the situation with multiple myeloma patients who have cancer of their plasma cells.
To help them there is a need for the correct production of antibodies. So a bone marrow biopsy is used to diagnose the cause of their immunodeficiency which in some cases can lead to kidney disfunction.
The lack of the body to fight these infectious diseases causes the need for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
A method called apheresis is used to separate the blood which allows the white blood cells to be removed while returning just the red blood cells.
The goal is to boost the daily subcutaneous injections in order to mobilize stem cells from the donor's bone marrow into the peripheral circulation.
Only then can the reinitiation of the immune system begin populating the organs such as the heart, liver and muscles.
Stem cell biologist research jobs
Make sure to find a program that can help with job placement. Since many positions will be in an academic research lab at a prominent University in the United States.
It is projected that adult organisms from cells will enhance more biological and clinical research providing opportunities for students going to school to obtain their biomedical degree.
As for regenerative therapies scientists are researching ways to expand the use of developmental biology from cell proliferation along with drug screening.
You will be happy to know that cell therapy is only part of the journey there is also biomedicals for gene therapy. 
Tissue engineering is a field that many of you graduates will be able to help develop. Depending on which country you work in the research will cover areas of human embryonic stem cells, and adult human stem cells. 
Educational requirements for molecular biology majors
Best programs are ones that have courses in bioethics, bioengineering, and technologies like microfluidics and nanotechnology. It is good to understand the basics of cellular and molecular biology. 
Applying for employment as a stem cell lab assistant will require at least a 2 year degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or Genetics because you will be working with DNA and RNA preparations.
Source: Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR)