Living and Working in Thailand

An interesting thing is emerging as I read through some blogs and articles written on various writing sites.

It seems as if more Americans are choosing to move to Thailand for work and residence.

There must be plenty of jobs for teaching English abroad.

The amount of resources on the web are great to help expatriates prepare for the Land of Smiles.

Knowing what to expect in my opinion is probably one of the best ways to go about making the move to another country from the U.S.

Many of the blogs that I have read are written from Americans who grew up in the states most of their lives and they have decided to move to what is mostly considered tourist or vacation spots.

Low Cost of Living

What seems to make the South East Asia location so attractive is the low cost of living for those in Thailand or the Philippines.

Things You Will Need

You can find information that covers where to stay in Thailand from hotels to buying health insurance, buying or renting a house, as well as getting a car or motorbike.

Knowing how to get a Visa and Work Permit will probably be the most important thing to learn.

Is living abroad only for single men and retirees?

Most of the time the sites that I see that cover the experiences related to traveling, airfare and living conditions are written by men who are single or couples who are retired.

So I was delighted to find a interview done by Amy Praphantanathorn who was born in California. She discusses learning to speak Thai, observing Thai customs, as well as the cost for expat's life in Bangkok.

Expat Women Living Abroad

Amy wrote a book called "The Expat Woman's Guide to Living in Bangkok" which covers tips to help female expats living or working abroad.

You can read about individual experiences at (Chicky Net) the social network for expat women who have relocated to Thailand or who are visiting in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket.

Issues woman expats encounter abroad

It is interesting to note that american women will need to keep in mind things such as clothing size differences, home decor shopping, western style eating and nightlife options which puts a new perspective on the whole Thailand experience for american women.

Expat Parenting

One thing that I thought would be really useful is the section that covers hiring a nanny, picking the right schools and hospitals for parents and expecting mothers.

American mothers and fathers who choose to raise a family in a foreign country may want to read the resources provided on (The Parent Vine) by Sarawan Dever a forum and blog for Expat Parents in Thailand

Living a Mobile Lifestyle

I became interested in this subject because of how many people are able to earn a living from their laptop computers making it easier to be mobile and basically live anywhere in the world.